September 8, 2015

Endless Silk Jacquard

This heavy, drapey, silk jacquard is quite large, with great fringe on both ends. huge. It has a jacquard woven design in the background of the base cloth and then a one color block print on top.  The print starts as a simple well spaces motif and then changes to an all over complicated floral with medallions.  By the time you get from one end to the other, below is what happens.

 Then, there is a casual scarf that goes with it. This is the screen print from the above silk done on the cotton crinkle cloth scarf. It is a very loose weave and the registration is imprecise. I fine the changes interesting that happen between a more structured silk jacquard fabric with this overprint to the cotton crinkle cloth that actually eats the pattern when it relaxes.  This is from Bangkok. It has a certain classic feeling in both the fabrics and the design.

One thinks it is a 2 color design, but with the shadow in the jacquard and the drape that adds a dimension, it feels like it has many more than 2 colors.