About Fabric and Color Journal

This blog is where I look at fabrics, textures and colors, and whatever else sparks my visual interest.  Why? Because I believe that what we surround ourselves with has a deep impact on the quality of our daily lives and who we are. Each day we are surrounded with fabrics, colors, textures and interesting combinations.  Here I’m just taking a closer look.

The Author -- Elise Ottenberg

Always enchanted with color interplay, shapes and  fabrics, out of college I ended up working in the apparel industry designing menswear. This took me to many countries and introduced me to a visual and cultural world of diversity.  I have always loved the transformation of the early kernel of an idea, into the finished product. Men’s wear shirtings will always be close to my heart, as I spent years contemplating blues. Years later my work in design and manufacturing has evolved to include all sorts of products and customers.  The unbroken thread is my love for color and fabric.

When I look at fabric, I ask myself what is it that makes it appealing?  What do I think the creator/designer was trying to accomplish?